Sunday, May 30, 2010

A taste of summer time

Yesterday we had out big annual BBQ. It is the kind of event that always takes a lot of time, hard work and preparation. The Friday before and all the time Saturday morning before the event begins is chaotic and stressful. And it doesn't help to have a motoring 1 year old (the 3.5 year old is helpful and plays by herself so she is, for the most part, and non factor). Luckily, my parents came to help and I have learned to take on the attitude that if we are still preparing when people start showing up it doesn't matter. I also believe as long as we have burgers cooking and the sangria made everything else will fall in to place.

This year was the best BBQ to date. B and I put some better systems in place and we were actually able to enjoy our party. And it seemed like everyone else did too. Last year, I felt so busy (oh yeah, the 1 year old was like, oh, I don't know, 3 weeks old) and like I didn't get to talk to anyone.

We always have a lot of babies and kids at our parties (that is just the age group we are in) and this year was no exception. I love all the little personalities and how 9-11 year olds were playing with 3 year olds. Little squirt guns are universal fun, apparently.

Originally, picked this weekend because it is B's birthday weekend (sometimes) and we always have a three day weekend. And that is making everything seem so relaxed and wonderful right now. We all woke up at 9am. That's right, my sweet little darlings did not wake us up. They might have been awake because there was much giggling and laughter and other sounds of joy coming from their room but they let us remain peaceful until we awake on our own.

So, we had a nice late breakfast of waffles and strawberries that B prepared (love this man!) and I worked on a little bit of kid laundry in the basement while H played. We all ate outside, which we all love and then I got a bug to start working on the backyard. I feel so productive and relaxed from my yard work and from my second sangria.

I have only 7 days of teaching left and then it is summer break. And, I feel like this is another good reason for having our BBQ now because it is such a lovely time to start welcoming summer time at our house. Sadly, summer break always seems to fly by. No worries for me, I looked forward to so many things. It makes it pretty awesome living this life.