Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am in labor!

Yesterday was a rough day. I had made peace with being late and then I went to the Dr.'s. They monitored the baby because of being over 40 weeks, and that went just fine. Then there was an ultrasound to check my fluids, to see how much the baby had inside. I was a little worried the whole time I was at the Dr.'s because I thought it would be a quick visit and instead it turn into two hours and H was with some friends who have a 2 month old. 

So the fluids were border line. I had decisions and choices and it stressed me out a little. 

So last night we went mall walking, I fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 2:30am laid around for a while, got up decided to make RRL tea, read on my message board for advice from my natural mama's and then take a warm bath and hot shower. I feel back to sleep around 5 and woke up 7:30. I was still hoping to have sex with B but was tired and a little crampy.

We were about to eat breakfast at 8 and I felt a surge of wetness. So B decided to stay home till we figured out what was going on. Because, just like before, it was not that much water. We ate, we walked, cleaned I called my dad after B and I decided that we wanted to at least go in a get checked. We stop at Edgewater and walk, B's idea, before we got stuck at the hospital. It was a good choice. I was having contractions enough and with the other issues my Dr. was fine with admitting me.

B is grabing some food as my contractions become a little more intense. He is back now. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Past due date and doing okay

Wednesday and Thursday were tough days for me emotionally. I really thought this baby was coming. Friday, which was my due date and my last day at school was a great day. I just knew baby wasn't coming (I am guessing I have at least another week) and my students were wonderful. Three classes threw parties, tons of students were saying things like "You can't leave," or "You are coming back after you have the baby, right?" I will definitely visit with the kids, and I am so going to miss everyone. 

Yesterday, we were so busy as a family. We had breakfast at a coffee shop in Cleveland (it is called the Erie Island Coffee company: not only did the barista open up like an hour and half early for us but she was so genuine and sweet. I want to be her cheerleader! Then we headed to the West Side Market, which can be stressful with H but was cool and my favorite part (other then the sweet food) is running into people. We went to Unique Thrift to get H some more summer clothes (the girl needed shorts, skirts and dresses) and we got a bag of clothes for 14 bucks because everything was half off while we were there. We also were able to pick up my car from the mechanics, fixed and free HOORAY! While B put away the food H and I were outside, she was in her sandbox while I was cleaning and raking the yard. For lunch we had hummus that one of my Palestinian student's made as a going away gift and fruit salad. We went home to have friends call about coming over. They have a 20 month old daughter and our kids love each other. We went to the park too, it was great. B and I relaxed on the couch and then B warmed up leftovers (some of which was delicious fruit salad he had made earlier in the day!) H did well during bath time again (I guess I just needed to talk to her about it, who knew?) And then I spent to late watching t.v. and reading a book (The Glass Castle). Such a full and wonderful day, and right now I am glad I didn't go into labor last night! I would have been too tired!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why do I feel so crazy???

Okay, when I was pregnant with H I was not feeling this insane. Probably because I really did not think my baby would come at 38 weeks But that is a problem this time. ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS WHEN WILL BABY COME. And, the fact that my water broke last time kinda makes this worse. I know I will know when I am in labor but if my water breaks then I really know. *Sigh
So I have been drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea since I was 34 weeks (it helps to tone the uterus) and I have been taking EPO orally since around then too. Last night I decided to use it internally, ah, in the, ya know, baby exit. Well, I think I have lost my mucus plug too. AND THIS ALL MAKES ME FEEL CRAZY. I have been bouncing on my ball as soon as I get home from school. I really want to have this baby. And the thing is I am not uncomfortable, I just want to meet my baby. And so I feel even more crazy. And H has been so crabby and hard to manage. Maybe that means the baby is coming too. (The phrase that is out of my mouth every two seconds these days..)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This is when time slows down..

Seriously, I just want to meet this little person. So I had a doctor's appointment I am a stretchy 1-2 dilated which means nothing really but I came home excited, drinking my red raspberry leaf tea, took more EPO and am bouncing on my birthing ball while I am online. I will be fine if I go past my due date, but truth be told I WANT TO HAVE THIS BABY TODAY. HAHA I am a nut. This is almost as bad as when I was ttcing. Almost. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

The end weeks..11 days till due date

On Saturday, I told my mom that I don't feel like I am close yet. I still am pretty comfortable and it just does not feel close yet. I feel like I have at least a week or even past my due date. I am a super glad that I am still working to help take my mind off of when the baby will come.

Yesterday at church, however, I felt very very different. I had to leave service to walk around, drink water and just chill. I was not having contractions and obviously my water was in place, but I did feel off. I had a chat with the baby. I told baby that I am ready, that there is a sister who will be a great big sister and the best dad in the world. And I also told them that if they need more time, that is okay too. I was so tired when we got home from church, B graciously let me take a nap while he entertained H. I bounced on the ball later and got some stuff done for school. 
Easter at the J's was great, H had tons of fun and we ate some great food. 

I am pretty sure I am going to make through to my due date, and I am totally fine with that. In a lot of ways it will be nice for school and my students and even the money part. But, I am ready at any moment for baby.