Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am in labor!

Yesterday was a rough day. I had made peace with being late and then I went to the Dr.'s. They monitored the baby because of being over 40 weeks, and that went just fine. Then there was an ultrasound to check my fluids, to see how much the baby had inside. I was a little worried the whole time I was at the Dr.'s because I thought it would be a quick visit and instead it turn into two hours and H was with some friends who have a 2 month old. 

So the fluids were border line. I had decisions and choices and it stressed me out a little. 

So last night we went mall walking, I fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 2:30am laid around for a while, got up decided to make RRL tea, read on my message board for advice from my natural mama's and then take a warm bath and hot shower. I feel back to sleep around 5 and woke up 7:30. I was still hoping to have sex with B but was tired and a little crampy.

We were about to eat breakfast at 8 and I felt a surge of wetness. So B decided to stay home till we figured out what was going on. Because, just like before, it was not that much water. We ate, we walked, cleaned I called my dad after B and I decided that we wanted to at least go in a get checked. We stop at Edgewater and walk, B's idea, before we got stuck at the hospital. It was a good choice. I was having contractions enough and with the other issues my Dr. was fine with admitting me.

B is grabing some food as my contractions become a little more intense. He is back now. 

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