Monday, April 13, 2009

The end weeks..11 days till due date

On Saturday, I told my mom that I don't feel like I am close yet. I still am pretty comfortable and it just does not feel close yet. I feel like I have at least a week or even past my due date. I am a super glad that I am still working to help take my mind off of when the baby will come.

Yesterday at church, however, I felt very very different. I had to leave service to walk around, drink water and just chill. I was not having contractions and obviously my water was in place, but I did feel off. I had a chat with the baby. I told baby that I am ready, that there is a sister who will be a great big sister and the best dad in the world. And I also told them that if they need more time, that is okay too. I was so tired when we got home from church, B graciously let me take a nap while he entertained H. I bounced on the ball later and got some stuff done for school. 
Easter at the J's was great, H had tons of fun and we ate some great food. 

I am pretty sure I am going to make through to my due date, and I am totally fine with that. In a lot of ways it will be nice for school and my students and even the money part. But, I am ready at any moment for baby. 

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