Sunday, April 26, 2009

Past due date and doing okay

Wednesday and Thursday were tough days for me emotionally. I really thought this baby was coming. Friday, which was my due date and my last day at school was a great day. I just knew baby wasn't coming (I am guessing I have at least another week) and my students were wonderful. Three classes threw parties, tons of students were saying things like "You can't leave," or "You are coming back after you have the baby, right?" I will definitely visit with the kids, and I am so going to miss everyone. 

Yesterday, we were so busy as a family. We had breakfast at a coffee shop in Cleveland (it is called the Erie Island Coffee company: not only did the barista open up like an hour and half early for us but she was so genuine and sweet. I want to be her cheerleader! Then we headed to the West Side Market, which can be stressful with H but was cool and my favorite part (other then the sweet food) is running into people. We went to Unique Thrift to get H some more summer clothes (the girl needed shorts, skirts and dresses) and we got a bag of clothes for 14 bucks because everything was half off while we were there. We also were able to pick up my car from the mechanics, fixed and free HOORAY! While B put away the food H and I were outside, she was in her sandbox while I was cleaning and raking the yard. For lunch we had hummus that one of my Palestinian student's made as a going away gift and fruit salad. We went home to have friends call about coming over. They have a 20 month old daughter and our kids love each other. We went to the park too, it was great. B and I relaxed on the couch and then B warmed up leftovers (some of which was delicious fruit salad he had made earlier in the day!) H did well during bath time again (I guess I just needed to talk to her about it, who knew?) And then I spent to late watching t.v. and reading a book (The Glass Castle). Such a full and wonderful day, and right now I am glad I didn't go into labor last night! I would have been too tired!

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