Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tired of sick kids

The girls have two days of daycare left. I am not done teaching until next Wednesday but B and I came up with the idea for him to take three vacation days to save on money (we would've had to pay for the full week) and to give him time with them.

Today H stayed home with B because she was shaking and had a fever last night. E still went so B could try and work from home. Daycare calls B to talk about her GIGANTIC mosquito bite, which, if there is a way to inherit gross implosions from insect bites, she totally gets from my side. Then they call 'cause she has goopy eyes. Is it pink eye or isn't it? So, I get grouchy about all this and am close to freaking out because I really need to go to school and I know B wants to go to work. So, I start filing through the brain and think about my dad, currently laid off but dealing with the death of my cousin's husband. He says he can help but informs my of the death.
All this is just peachy, isn't it?

I can't wait to be off. I just want to give their immune systems a break. I want to give the part of my brain that swells when this kind of stress happens a little vacation. TWO. MORE. DAYS.
*Sigh, can we do it?