Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Why kill a baby animal?

After dinner we decided to take a walk. As we approached the High School there were two girls standing on the sidewalk throwing rocks at something in the grass.
It was a baby robin. As soon as I realized what they were doing I started protesting.
"Don't hurt that bird!"
The one girl stop but was laughing nervously. The other girl, barely glanced up at us and continued on with what she was doing.
Bruce got angry pretty quickly and told them to get out of here.
They didn't. And the one girl still wanted to throw rocks at the bird. While we were standing there. While our girls were there.
There was a lot of yelling and the situation was maddening. The same girl picked up another rock and that was when I pulled out my phone to call the non emergency number. Not because I wanted to call the police but because nothing was working and now (after threatening to hurt us physically) she was picking up another rock.
This worked and they went away.
But Bruce and I were shaken.
I want answers. I want to know why they would do this, but more importantly how our mere presence did not make them stop. Why was this something they didn't have guilt about?
Was race an issue? Could we have approached the situation differently with better results? So frustrating.
In other news, today is our wedding anniversary. 3 years! And Evey is 3 months today!
Last night, Bruce and I started roughly planning out our stay-cation (the girls are spending two nights with my folks! Evey's first sleep over!) and I am so excited. I have been pumping for about 2 and a half weeks and have over 100 ounces! I am feeling like I am running out of time as the school year looms closer and closer. And it is filled with a mixture of worry and excitement.
Can always count on change around here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food is important to me

So the other day, I am watching tv (not something we do a lot of, a now that it is the new digital tv maybe even less, because, yes, we are those people who DON'T HAVE CABLE) and there is a commercial for Yoplait's WHips yogurts. It is a normal commercial and it barely has my attention but then they show at the very end, for like 10 seconds the idea of putting one in the freezer. And, all of a sudden, I want one, like right now. And because I am a new mom, trying to watch the baby pounds slip off but also ravenously hungry because A.) I can eat found, unlike during the pregnancy and B.) making milk takes a lot of freakin' calories (or so I tell myself).

Today I was telling another new mom about them. I should work for Yoplait. Hey, ya want me to do a commercial? Ha

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why don't I write more?

I am on the computer everyday, so why have I not added more?

First of all, I only have two followers. Two guys that I know nothing about. Guess that is the internet for ya.

Second, is because I have so much to say and so little. Ya know what I am saying?

So yesterday I made dinner and Bruce can home to a meal ready in like 5 minutes after he was through the door. I wanted to go to the gym, Bruce was ecstatic and did everything he needed to do to make sure it happened. I did the elliptical machine on the hill setting for 30 minutes with a 5 minute cool down. I also did some reverse dips. I am in sore in all the right ways today.

But the thing is Bruce got so much put away while I was gone for an hour. He folded the piles of laundry (and our horrid sock mountain!) and kept the girls entertained. I start out good in the morning, but always lose stream by nap time.

But today has been a better day. I took Hadley to the park, organized and resorted Evey's clothes (she is no longer in the 0-3 or even the 3-6, more like 6 and 6-9months clothes) and we watered plants outside. I just want to do some yoga and clean the kitchen and made so floors during Hadley's nap. We shall see.

We have a street fair tonight that I am very excited about. Life is good, there is always so much going on.