Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Food is important to me

So the other day, I am watching tv (not something we do a lot of, a now that it is the new digital tv maybe even less, because, yes, we are those people who DON'T HAVE CABLE) and there is a commercial for Yoplait's WHips yogurts. It is a normal commercial and it barely has my attention but then they show at the very end, for like 10 seconds the idea of putting one in the freezer. And, all of a sudden, I want one, like right now. And because I am a new mom, trying to watch the baby pounds slip off but also ravenously hungry because A.) I can eat found, unlike during the pregnancy and B.) making milk takes a lot of freakin' calories (or so I tell myself).

Today I was telling another new mom about them. I should work for Yoplait. Hey, ya want me to do a commercial? Ha

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