Monday, May 25, 2009

I need to write more.

Like, where is my birth story?
I will post it. I already have it written out for our family website. But I want to start writing more. Here for now and then I might begin another goal. 
So anyways.
We had our awesome BBQ on Saturday, so many people came, and the day and night just blended into one another and before we knew it, the BBQ was over. So many great friends and more amazing family. I also could not believe all the babies. My BIL said something yesterday about all the couple and babies (he is single and not particularly happy about this) and I guess we are part of that section of society. It feels good though. I do feel like a good mom, most days, and I feel like I have more patience this time around. But that is mostly because of B, he rules in some many ways.

So, I am in love with using my Sleepy Wrap and I just wanted to express some props for this carrier. As long as I spend time with tying it on before I leave the house I am good to go. E has been everywhere in it, to list a few: grocery store, parks, zoo, target, and mall. I can also nurse with it much better then in the beginning. I do have to take her out, but I don' t mind, but before I was wearing t-shirts and having to pull up the whole shirt, ridiculous. Now, I wear and tank top and just pull over or down and use that side of the wrap to keep the boob away till it is needed. And I am not too hot or too cold because of the layering. Though I do dress E pretty lightly. And she is pretty much out the whole time in it.

I was reading another blog:
and came across this website Urban Baby Bonnets and now I want at least two, a big one for H and a little one for E. WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO COST MONEY. Sigh. 

This is a good place to start. Again.

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