Thursday, August 5, 2010

So much on the horizon

School is about to start up again. And right now I have that feeling of suffocation. Of the impending craziness that our lives will whirl into.

And also, about creating a new life.

I am a planner. It is just how I work. But I know this whole creating baby business doesn't always work the way you plan. And so I make allowance for that too.

Like, trying for a May/June 2011 baby but if it doesn't work out, taking a breaking and trying again for a Feb-June 2012 baby.

Why the gaps in time?
Mostly because I teach but also to try and stay home for the maximum time, get paid as much as I can and still go back to work at some point.
And I want to be able to enjoy the summers as much as I can.

Also, I don't want act or feel as crazy as I did when we conceived E. I was a lunatic. It worked out perfectly but the way I behaved was terrible. So hopefully I learned from that experiment.

Each summer I am off with the girls, proves to me how I have found the place that I am meant to be in. I love teaching and I love the time off with my girls. I am glad this life found me (because let's face it, I do love the whirling craziness!).

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