Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What have I been reading online?

Lately, I have been following different families in different aspect of their pregnancy journeys. My favorite ones are the ladies who are waiting to give birth any day. But I am also pretty excited to read any interesting blogs about pregnancy. But lately I have been focusing on only lesbian moms. I am bored by whiny straight ladies (wait, am I talking about myself?) and found this group very interesting. So yea, that is who I have been reading. I think for the most part these ladies tend to want my nature births. I am in such a minority in the rest of my life with that desire. But some of these ladies do have c-secs and for some strange reason I seem less judgmental. But I don't know.  So yea, a little bit more about me. 

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  1. glad you find us les moms interesting, haha ;) thanks for following my blog. i always welcome comments, no matter how asinine you think it might be.