Sunday, October 4, 2009

Why I am a working mom:

1. I do not like being overwhelmed by housework.
I just returned to teaching after an extended summer break (so four months total) and while loved, loved, loved being home with the girls, there was almost never time to get anything done. Obviously, I do not have more time now. But there is something about having less time that makes you want to get more done, or at the very least, use your time more wisely. But mostly, when I was home I felt like it was my job to get more done. When both of us work it makes sense that we both do work. And, I have a sweet husband, in that he does everything. And that means he does what ever needs to be done.
2. I need an outlet.
This is also why teaching is perfect for me. I get the interaction and challenge that I want but also get lots of time off with the kids.

3. That is all I can think of right now and the baby is crawling away on me.

But oh yeah, I would love to test different vaccums and actaully own one that does a good, no! great job.

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